The Church Government And Governing

The following series of writings, are writings that I Anthony L Manson wrote concerning the church of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It has been revised, and is 50% owned by The United States Conference Of Catholic Bishops,with 50% of it’s copyrights.   The Church, which is The Body of Jesus Christ, is very huge, it is bigger than we will ever know here on earth. Taken this in account doesn’t mean that the way  that I’m writing this,is the way it is throughout the church which consist of three  branches which are The Eastern Orthodox,The Roman Catholic Church,and The Protestant Churches, the body of Jesus Christ.  I writing this in a general way, 1 Cor. 12:28.” And God hath set some in the church,” The United State Government is consist of governments with in a government. The Federal Government is the strong central power that is made up as three branches of power The Executive, The Legislative, and The Judicial. This government is similar to the government of God, yet different. Similar in that they both have governments within a government,but they are structured differently. For example,in the United States the officials are at the top of the structure, In the Kingdom of God,the ministry is a the top. Just like Moses went up on the mountain to receive instructions from God to give to the people,this is even more true to this very day,that God through his Son use the ministry to give instructions and spiritual food to the people. Isaiah 9:6-7,”For unto us a child is born,” As I stated, that the government of God is consist of governments with in a government. The bible speaks of God’s kingdom and the kingdom or government of God’s dear Son,who is Jesus Christ.The new testament Church,which is made up of The Eastern Orthodox,The Roman Catholic Church,and The Protestant Church are under the rule of Jesus Christ and under the authority of the Trinity,which is God the Father,Son,and Holy Ghost,the Kingdom of God.  Jesus Christ Kingdom,which is the church,is build on the Apostles and old testament Prophets and Jesus Christ is the head,which have giving the keys,the secrets and authority,to Apostle Peter,and Peter pass those keys down to the other Apostles,as it is written in Matthew 16:18-19,and Ephesians 2:20. The other Apostles pass those same keys to the Bishops of the church,and the Bishops pass them other bishops and priests,elders,ministers,missionaries,deacons,heads and throughout the church.  With these keys gives the church access and power to govern,and for the church to be given to the Trinity, 1 Corinthians 2:1-16. The Modern Church is still governed  by the ministry a the top,in the three branch of the church,there is a head Bishop and a board of bishops,or head Clergy and a board of clergy’s, and other priests and ministers,evangelist,prophets,missionaries,deacons,and all other gifts to equipped,build up,edifying,and to govern the church as stated in Ephesians chapter 4,and 1 Corinthians chapter 12.  The purpose of the church is clear,and in governing is where we need stay on task or mission, of our calling and duty to serve one another in grace and love and be a guiding light to those who is without knowledge of Jesus Christ. This will we do in the name of The Father,The Son, and Holy Spirit,amen.