“We Put Bits In The Horses’ Mouths

The following comment is inspired by James 3:1-8,”we put bits in the horses’ mouths.” It would be naive to think that control is not needed in life,but for one to try to control everything and everyone is insanity.  To speak in modern terms,not that this doing or concept is out of date,we put handle bars on bikes,steering wheels in cars,and many other modern examples we can find. Not only for control sake, but also for safety,discipline,and for the quality of life. Our nature by it’s very existence is not tamed,it is a beast. That’s why we have parents and guardians to help us as we grow at home,teachers at schools, on the job training,pastors,spiritual leaders,traffic signals,ethics, the word of God,and many other bits that we use to help us live in this life. Will we fall some time,or get angry, and feel the storms of life? Yes, but remember the bits that we have learned and been  put in us.

Good Will

The following comment is inspired by Luke 10:25-37, ” who stripped him of his clothing,wounded him,and departed,leaving him half dead.”  This scene can come in many forms. It can come in a form of one who is very ill,hungry,need clothes,in jail,on drugs,and in many other cases. In all cases it is seen as a red flag to many,particularly those who are in Charitable organizations. Because caution is there speaking,how can I,or we,be of help without damaging our good will,or bringing harm on myself and others. Showing mercy and practicing good will can be done in many ways. Cause we hear a cry for help,or even see the need for,doesn’t mean that I ‘m the one to provide it,often times I refer people,or call for assistance. So let us go,and do likewise in caution and prayer,with grace and love.

You never let me

The following writing,You never let me,is a product of the Teens Alert Campaign,that is 50% owned by the Orange Public Library,and 25% owned by The Denver Public Library. You never let me do anything as she stomps toward her room,and her Mom came chasing behind her. What you mean,says her Mom,we take you everywhere,and let you go to the mall by yourself. No,your Father and I are not going to let you come home late at night. No,we not going to let you dress like that! We make these rules for your safety.