The following writing is dedicated to The Hikikomori Campaign, which is a charitable campaign, and is 50% owned by The University of Tokyo Foundation. This writing Social, goes with that campaign and 50% ownership does apply to the party that is stated above. And as of September 30,2019, I Anthony L Manson do give 15% ownership to South Korea government, and 15% ownership to the Italy government, can not be sold but used to benefit each parties who have ownership of the Hikikomori Campaign. Is it possible to live one’s life in isolation? Yes. Is it mentally healthy to do so? No. Socially and humanly we need and want to interact with others at some point. Will there be conflict, some people who we don’t like, groups that won’t welcome us, people being judge mental. Sure. But, there is so much good in being sociable, we can find a friend, learn about ourselves and others and many other things that can improve our lives, and can enjoy the out doors and do many other things to help us to enjoy and live life.