Home and Homeless

The following writing,is half owned by the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless,with 50% of it’s copyrights in which I Anthony L Manson have given.  They sat in a group reflecting on those places, walls, flooring, and location. They laugh and cried,laugh and cried some more. There was one in the group who didn’t say much, one asked,are you okay? I remember,he paused, I remember,when I had,he stops, he gets up,then sit back down, I’m anger,he said. Why can’t I have, why is it so hard to just have a place again? Can we have again, a home? The group was silence for a moment, then on spoke. I believe we can have a home again,no better yet I believe that we already have a home,she smile, yet,home without those wall,carpet, you know she said. Yes but it does feel good to have walls,and carpet, one said,yup the group agree. You know,someone esle spoke out, we know  what it mean to be homeless and to have a home,with me it’s not two much different,except one experience have walls and carpet,but in both we do experience home.



On Thursday the 23rd and Friday the 24th of 2017.I did a two part series on homelessness. Homelessness, as describe by The National Alliance To End Homelessness, “is a complex problem fraught with many associated challenges and variables.”  I chosen to do this series so homelessness can become more visible to everyone who see,but don’t really see. This is not some emotional trick to stir up people hearts so they would give blindly,nor is this a licence for those who are homeless to do what they want because they are homeless. But rather to talk deeply about homelessness that it needs order,and those who are homeless do have rights. And to loudly say that this is not a problem, yet it can be if it’s not continually address, and, this is everyone’s issues that can be dealt with, because homelessness is not going away any time soon it is a way of life for many.  I hope I can rally your support for all those who work for and with the homeless and that we can walk away civilly with more of a deep understanding of this issue,without the finger pointing.


She get off at the same stop everyday,and this time it is different, her feelings are hurt because she seen him with someone,they seems to be in love. Everyday she rides that bus route with him,and she think of what could,but today she realize what she was thinking it won’t happen. She is not alone in this, what happen to her, happens to many people. With her it was a man,to others it can be a car,a house, good pay job, shoes, clothes, a movie part, a powerful place in society, and many other thing,places,or people who this powerful entity has played with. It is all right to play,as long as we understand that it is a Fantasy.

Happiness or id

The id, as define by Psychology.about.com,is driven by the pleasure principle, which strives for immediate gratification of all desires, wants, and needs. If these needs are not satisfied immediately, the result is a state anxiety or tension, so define by Psychology. about.com.  Happiness, do we spend everyday year in and out seeking to have it, and, do we know what it is when we find it? How much level of happiness is there, can it be obtain by one person, do  one person want it?  Are people truly happy when they find happiness, or is it happiness what we seek? Is it happiness or id?


It is funny and alarming how things hover throughout time, and even in our presently personal daily lives. We look at the mask as if we know it, then dismiss it and blame it on our imagination. It come again and stir up emotions, we blow it off with a laugh or a smile because we think we are in control. Sometimes we are and in many cases we are helpless, powerless, and we can’t stand that. Those mask, and moments sometimes stands so tall, so bold, so loud, that we sometime want it to talk, and other time we wish we can do away with it. It is the Past, it does affect the present.