Think On These Things – Series

 I Anthony L Manson have given half ownership of this series Think On These Things to The Episcopal Church (United States),with 50% Of it’s copyrights that cannot be sold, but can be used to benefit The Episcopal Church (United States),headquarters located on 815 Second Avenue New York, New York.  The following comments is inspired by Philippians 4:8, “Whatsoever things are true.”  From the American Heritage Dictionary, they define true as reality,  consistent with the fact, authentic, and reality just to name a few. It is understandable that to speak the raw truth can in some cases do more harm than good. There is a time for everything, and right now the writer is saying thing on what is true.  ” Whatsoever things are honest,”  There are three ways that we should be honest, with God, ourselves, and other people. To be honest with people take sober judgement, grace, love, and knowing when to be honest verbally. I’m not saying that we should lie to people, but sometime we need to just simply  don’t say nothing. Because in some cases it can do more harm than good. For example, a woman is on the edge of a building and about to jump, she turn to the one who is trying to help her an asked, Do you think I’m ugly? How would we phrase our answer if that was one of us who was trying to help her? Think on it. “Whatsoever things are just,” It is healthy to have morals and standards, they help us to be stable and give our life meaning. In our modern times, some people have standards as a fashion statement, the moment that someone call their standards old fashion they change them because they don’t want to be talked about. Doing what is right and honorable never go out of style, it is good for the quality of life. Whatsoever things are just, think on it. ” Whatsoever things are pure,” If I wish to ask people what is the definition of pure, I may get answers like not corrupt, or guiltless. And  if I rephrase the question and ask how would pure look in someone’s life, that’s  where the controversy begins. Everyone have a ideal of pure, but the pureness of God that one can have in their life come from a life lived according to the holy bible. Whatsoever is pure, think on it. “Whatsoever things are lovely,” The American Heritage Dictionary defines lovely as attractive qualities, beautiful, delightful just to name a few. We can find loveliness in almost everything, yes, it is up to the admirer. For example, it is lovely how the sun had risen this morning, it is lovely how the moon glows, how the stars sparkle, and  the way babies are born. There are so many lovely things to think on. “Whatsoever are of good report,” I love the check and balance system, while you look over my shoulder, someone is looking over yours. This make everyone accountable to someone. We can’t tell somebody what to do, and nobody can’t tell us anything. Hold others to a high standard, and not be held to no one’s standards. The church was not put here just to point out people’s sins, but also to be a sober voice, to build up the Kingdom of God, and to help one another to grow spiritually.  ” If there be any virtue,” As Christians we should be the leading voice for virtue, and the one’s where virtue is being seen. People need to see and know that through all the bad things happening in the world, people can still have commendable qualities. Some of the ways we can let virtue shine through us is through pray, meditation, and believing in God’s word. ” And if there be any praise,”  Praises are powerful instruments, they can  affect  us in many ways. For example, they can change moods and move us to do things, and they can be addictive. We suppose to praise one another when we do well and for one’s success in life. But that shouldn’t be the reason why we do things, we should do good regardless of who praise us or not, serve God even if know one give us a thumbs up. If there be any praise from the bible and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ let us continue to think on these wonderful things. I will end here once again for accuracy sake and will continue at a later date, Anthony L Manson DBA Free Publication, and other wise known as anthony the priestly artist.

Religious Practices

The following comment is inspired by James 1:27.  All religious practices are inspired by a supernatural power, and a set of beliefs and values that are based on the teachings of a spiritual leader. For Christian that spiritual leader is Jesus Christ, who laid the foundation.   There is a spirit in a man, which is written in the book of Job, and the inspiration of the almighty give to them understanding. Understanding, guidance, and comfort should be given through religion. All religions have their principles and set of order. For Christians one of those order are as James wrote,” To visit the fatherless, and widows in their affliction.”  Religion should not only teach principles, and show the order of things, but also should teach grace, and goodwill. And,  as our spiritual leader have done forgave sins.

The Truth

There is a topic that is  posted in Psychology Today that reads,” Can You Handle the Truth?”    As simple as this topic may sounds, it is very difficult to practice it fully in our everyday life. So, we lie?  Lie to ourselves, to our boss, to our love ones and everyone we come in contact with? No,  can’t live that way either. The Truth, can we handle it?