You never let me

The following writing,You never let me,is a product of the Teens Alert Campaign,that is 50% owned by the Orange Public Library,and 25% owned by The Denver Public Library. You never let me do anything as she stomps toward her room,and her Mom came chasing behind her. What you mean,says her Mom,we take you everywhere,and let you go to the mall by yourself. No,your Father and I are not going to let you come home late at night. No,we not going to let you dress like that! We make these rules for your safety.


The following writing is dedicated to The Hikikomori Campaign, which is a charitable campaign, and is 50% owned by The University of Tokyo Foundation. This writing Social, goes with that campaign and 50% ownership does apply to the party that is stated above. And as of September 30,2019, I Anthony L Manson do give 15% ownership to South Korea government, and 15% ownership to the Italy government, can not be sold but used to benefit each parties who have ownership of the Hikikomori Campaign. Is it possible to live one’s life in isolation? Yes. Is it mentally healthy to do so? No. Socially and humanly we need and want to interact with others at some point. Will there be conflict, some people who we don’t like, groups that won’t welcome us, people being judge mental. Sure. But, there is so much good in being sociable, we can find a friend, learn about ourselves and others and many other things that can improve our lives, and can enjoy the out doors and do many other things to help us to enjoy and live life.

Hikikomori Campaign ( A Campaign To Live )

On April 22,2017, I  launched a campaign to assist the government of Japan with the issue of in their word,Hikikomori, that some of their citizens are suffering from. I Anthony L Manson do give The University Of Tokyo Foundation half ownership of this campaign with 50% of it’s copyrights of,and all writings that is related to this campaign that I may write in the future. And as of September 30,2019, I Anthony L Manson do give South Korea government 15% ownership, and Italy government 15% ownership of the Hikikomori Campaign.This is a charitable campaign it can not be sold,nor the writings that will go with it,but to be used to benefit all those who suffer with hikikomori. I chosen this issue for two reasons,as a Christian,and as a Professional. As a Christian because God is concern with all life,as a Professional because this is what I do,to enlighten and inform the public about social issues,and to give them tools to cope.  Hikikomori,a Japan word which mean pulling inward or withdraw,this mental disorder affect about 700,000 to 1.2 million people in Japan which causes them to shut in for as little as three months to 15 to 20 years or more. It is also visible in people in two other governments,Italy and South Korea,but appear more in numbers in Japan. Now, don’t think that this is some strange phenomenon that is unheard of,and only appears in a few countries.We know of this disorder, not by this name,Hikikomori, but the combination of this symptoms we in the Professional Helper’s field see it everywhere and everyday. No one chooses where they are born,and where we are born there are societal standards and pressures,some copes and fit in and others withdraws. This campaign is to help those who withdraws and pull inward.

You and I

The following writing is half owned by The United State Conference of Mayors.You and I have a responsible where we live to get involve with our local community and city. It is unaccepted to say I live so and so and we just walk through the city seeing and not seeing,then go to our homes and close the door and sit in our lazy boy and watch T.V  and complaint. Yup,you and I have a duty,to help with the issues that surround us everyday right here where you live and I live. Get involve with your local city,so much to see,so much to do.

Home and Homeless

The following writing,is half owned by the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless,with 50% of it’s copyrights in which I Anthony L Manson have given.  They sat in a group reflecting on those places, walls, flooring, and location. They laugh and cried,laugh and cried some more. There was one in the group who didn’t say much, one asked,are you okay? I remember,he paused, I remember,when I had,he stops, he gets up,then sit back down, I’m anger,he said. Why can’t I have, why is it so hard to just have a place again? Can we have again, a home? The group was silence for a moment, then on spoke. I believe we can have a home again,no better yet I believe that we already have a home,she smile, yet,home without those wall,carpet, you know she said. Yes but it does feel good to have walls,and carpet, one said,yup the group agree. You know,someone esle spoke out, we know  what it mean to be homeless and to have a home,with me it’s not two much different,except one experience have walls and carpet,but in both we do experience home.



On Thursday the 23rd and Friday the 24th of 2017.I did a two part series on homelessness. Homelessness, as describe by The National Alliance To End Homelessness, “is a complex problem fraught with many associated challenges and variables.”  I chosen to do this series so homelessness can become more visible to everyone who see,but don’t really see. This is not some emotional trick to stir up people hearts so they would give blindly,nor is this a licence for those who are homeless to do what they want because they are homeless. But rather to talk deeply about homelessness that it needs order,and those who are homeless do have rights. And to loudly say that this is not a problem, yet it can be if it’s not continually address, and, this is everyone’s issues that can be dealt with, because homelessness is not going away any time soon it is a way of life for many.  I hope I can rally your support for all those who work for and with the homeless and that we can walk away civilly with more of a deep understanding of this issue,without the finger pointing.


She get off at the same stop everyday,and this time it is different, her feelings are hurt because she seen him with someone,they seems to be in love. Everyday she rides that bus route with him,and she think of what could,but today she realize what she was thinking it won’t happen. She is not alone in this, what happen to her, happens to many people. With her it was a man,to others it can be a car,a house, good pay job, shoes, clothes, a movie part, a powerful place in society, and many other thing,places,or people who this powerful entity has played with. It is all right to play,as long as we understand that it is a Fantasy.

Happiness or id

The id, as define by,is driven by the pleasure principle, which strives for immediate gratification of all desires, wants, and needs. If these needs are not satisfied immediately, the result is a state anxiety or tension, so define by Psychology.  Happiness, do we spend everyday year in and out seeking to have it, and, do we know what it is when we find it? How much level of happiness is there, can it be obtain by one person, do  one person want it?  Are people truly happy when they find happiness, or is it happiness what we seek? Is it happiness or id?


It is funny and alarming how things hover throughout time, and even in our presently personal daily lives. We look at the mask as if we know it, then dismiss it and blame it on our imagination. It come again and stir up emotions, we blow it off with a laugh or a smile because we think we are in control. Sometimes we are and in many cases we are helpless, powerless, and we can’t stand that. Those mask, and moments sometimes stands so tall, so bold, so loud, that we sometime want it to talk, and other time we wish we can do away with it. It is the Past, it does affect the present.

Think On These Things – Series

 I Anthony L Manson have given half ownership of this series Think On These Things to The Episcopal Church (United States),with 50% Of it’s copyrights that cannot be sold, but can be used to benefit The Episcopal Church (United States),headquarters located on 815 Second Avenue New York, New York.  The following comments is inspired by Philippians 4:8, “Whatsoever things are true.”  From the American Heritage Dictionary, they define true as reality,  consistent with the fact, authentic, and reality just to name a few. It is understandable that to speak the raw truth can in some cases do more harm than good. There is a time for everything, and right now the writer is saying thing on what is true.  ” Whatsoever things are honest,”  There are three ways that we should be honest, with God, ourselves, and other people. To be honest with people take sober judgement, grace, love, and knowing when to be honest verbally. I’m not saying that we should lie to people, but sometime we need to just simply  don’t say nothing. Because in some cases it can do more harm than good. For example, a woman is on the edge of a building and about to jump, she turn to the one who is trying to help her an asked, Do you think I’m ugly? How would we phrase our answer if that was one of us who was trying to help her? Think on it. “Whatsoever things are just,” It is healthy to have morals and standards, they help us to be stable and give our life meaning. In our modern times, some people have standards as a fashion statement, the moment that someone call their standards old fashion they change them because they don’t want to be talked about. Doing what is right and honorable never go out of style, it is good for the quality of life. Whatsoever things are just, think on it. ” Whatsoever things are pure,” If I wish to ask people what is the definition of pure, I may get answers like not corrupt, or guiltless. And  if I rephrase the question and ask how would pure look in someone’s life, that’s  where the controversy begins. Everyone have a ideal of pure, but the pureness of God that one can have in their life come from a life lived according to the holy bible. Whatsoever is pure, think on it. “Whatsoever things are lovely,” The American Heritage Dictionary defines lovely as attractive qualities, beautiful, delightful just to name a few. We can find loveliness in almost everything, yes, it is up to the admirer. For example, it is lovely how the sun had risen this morning, it is lovely how the moon glows, how the stars sparkle, and  the way babies are born. There are so many lovely things to think on. “Whatsoever are of good report,” I love the check and balance system, while you look over my shoulder, someone is looking over yours. This make everyone accountable to someone. We can’t tell somebody what to do, and nobody can’t tell us anything. Hold others to a high standard, and not be held to no one’s standards. The church was not put here just to point out people’s sins, but also to be a sober voice, to build up the Kingdom of God, and to help one another to grow spiritually.  ” If there be any virtue,” As Christians we should be the leading voice for virtue, and the one’s where virtue is being seen. People need to see and know that through all the bad things happening in the world, people can still have commendable qualities. Some of the ways we can let virtue shine through us is through pray, meditation, and believing in God’s word. ” And if there be any praise,”  Praises are powerful instruments, they can  affect  us in many ways. For example, they can change moods and move us to do things, and they can be addictive. We suppose to praise one another when we do well and for one’s success in life. But that shouldn’t be the reason why we do things, we should do good regardless of who praise us or not, serve God even if know one give us a thumbs up. If there be any praise from the bible and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ let us continue to think on these wonderful things. I will end here once again for accuracy sake and will continue at a later date, Anthony L Manson DBA Free Publication, and other wise known as anthony the priestly artist.