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The writing you are about to read, the topic, is inspired by Psychology Today. Because I use their Topic, not content, I have given them 50% ownership of this writing Cheat. There is a topic that is posted in Psychology Today that reads, ” Why do people Cheat?” Life is simply when we are small children because life doesn’t demand too much out of us, and it and when it does demand someone is there to take care of those demands. Oh but as we grow, and reality shakes us and the complexities of life began to hover over us. We see people hearts get hurt, many Media in a lot of cases hold back the truth of what really is going on. Jobs are not being gotten in honesty, people can and is cheating to pass a test. What was once simply in our little world, has now become difficult. Because now we must decide what should we do what everybody is doing and Cheat, or not? Why do people Cheat?

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