No More

The following comment is inspired by Ephesians 4:28,” Let him that stole steal no more.” It is reckless sometimes the way we who are Christians think. We think many times that what we do only affect us individually. Wrong, our sins don’t only have a impact on us only,it affect all who are Christians. Let him that stole,steal no more,the Apostle wrote. Oh, you see Anthony,you don’t understand what it mean to go without,to eat beans and rice,rice and beans,wear shoes till they are unwearable. And,when I shop,I window shop,live from pay check to pay check,wear clothes seven days a week,wash clothes in the bath tube,walk around the house clothed as if you are outside. I do know, no more. We represent something bigger than us,we may be lacking some things now,but in time we will be able to have those things and more. No more.

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