The following writing is apart of the water campaign,which is 50% owned by the state of California, and 25% owned by The National Governors Association.  I’m all over the world,and I’m within you.I’m standing among Gods,and siting in the misted of the common folks. I’m in the form of a liquid and solid,and is given as a choice among beverages. Before humans births,I’m present first,and in me where I’m gather in mass,living creators live and swim in me. I’m sitting still in some places,and where those places are people needs to be aware of.Because,I can be harmful to those who don’t know what I am,and don’t know how to handle themselves around me. I’m at a peaceful still in some areas,and put with different elements,I’m dangerous. I’m used for many things,and sought after by many when they are thirsty.Above all I’m life,and is needed by the earth and the life that is on the earth, I’m Water.

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