On Thursday the 23rd and Friday the 24th of 2017.I did a two part series on homelessness. Homelessness, as describe by The National Alliance To End Homelessness, “is a complex problem fraught with many associated challenges and variables.”  I chosen to do this series so homelessness can become more visible to everyone who see,but don’t really see. This is not some emotional trick to stir up people hearts so they would give blindly,nor is this a licence for those who are homeless to do what they want because they are homeless. But rather to talk deeply about homelessness that it needs order,and those who are homeless do have rights. And to loudly say that this is not a problem, yet it can be if it’s not continually address, and, this is everyone’s issues that can be dealt with, because homelessness is not going away any time soon it is a way of life for many.  I hope I can rally your support for all those who work for and with the homeless and that we can walk away civilly with more of a deep understanding of this issue,without the finger pointing.

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