A Matter Of A Public Record 2

This public document is a continuation of the Public Record that I Anthony L Manson had posted and published throughout social media on December the 12, 2016. On January 1 2017 will be five year that I am D.B.A Free Publication. Over the course of those year I had wrote about the human condition,did special projects,and started a couple of campaigns. These next set of writing in which I Anthony L Manson wrote, was inspired by Psychology Today. Psychology is a field that I’m interested in,and went to school to study Psychology/Social Work. Psychology Today posts and write about many topics on their Face book page. Often I would pick a topic and start out by writing that there is a post in Psychology Today that reads……., or according to Psychology Today………, then I will write about that topic.These writing are for counseling purposes,because that is what my not for profit business consist of, writing and counseling.I Anthony L Manson do give Psychology Today half  ownership of all of what I wrote by use their topics which how I had stated the format above,and with 50% of those copyrights only. This next topic in which I wrote about is a very sensitive and important to us as a country and to the humane race, It is the issue of suicide. In this piece Suicide Awareness, I used the gender of a woman,but, that can be anyone in that scene. I Anthony L Manson do give Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration half ownership of the writing Suicide Awareness to help with their National Suicide Prevention Lifeline,and 50% of the copyright of that writing. This next writing in which I wrote was written to inspire people to volunteer,it is titled volunteer. I Anthony L Manson do get The Volunteer of America Half ownership of this writing volunteer,with 50% of the copyright of that writing only. Next,is a one of many issue that concerns me,and is one of the issues that I deals with when speaking to help people with disabilities, that is Autism. I Anthony L Manson do give half  ownership to Autism Speak,with 50% of copyright,after the all the disabled are people too. Next. I Anthony L Manson do give The organization Easter Seals half ownership of the writing of Easter Seals, with 50% of the copyright of that writing for to help with their work. Again,for accuracy sake I am ending this public record here for now,and each organization that is mention here will receive a copy of this document and of the writing in which they have ownership of. Anthony L Manson D.B.A Free Publication,and other wise known as anthony the priestly artist.

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