The Church Government And Governing

The following series of writings, are writings that I Anthony L Manson wrote concerning the church of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It has been revised, and is 50% owned by The United States Conference Of Catholic Bishops,with 50% of it’s copyrights.   The Church, which is The Body of Jesus Christ, is very huge, it is bigger than we will ever know here on earth. Taken this in account doesn’t mean that the way  that I’m writing this,is the way it is throughout the church which consist of three  branches which are The Eastern Orthodox,The Roman Catholic Church,and The Protestant Churches, the body of Jesus Christ.  I writing this in a general way, 1 Cor. 12:28.” And God hath set some in the church,” The United State Government is consist of governments with in a government. The Federal Government is the strong central power that is made up as three branches of power The Executive, The Legislative, and The Judicial. This government is similar to the government of God, yet different. Similar in that they both have governments within a government,but they are structured differently. For example,in the United States the officials are at the top of the structure, In the Kingdom of God,the ministry is a the top. Just like Moses went up on the mountain to receive instructions from God to give to the people,this is even more true to this very day,that God through his Son use the ministry to give instructions and spiritual food to the people. Isaiah 9:6-7,”For unto us a child is born,” As I stated, that the government of God is consist of governments with in a government. The bible speaks of God’s kingdom and the kingdom or government of God’s dear Son,who is Jesus Christ.The new testament Church,which is made up of The Eastern Orthodox,The Roman Catholic Church,and The Protestant Church are under the rule of Jesus Christ and under the authority of the Trinity,which is God the Father,Son,and Holy Ghost,the Kingdom of God.  Jesus Christ Kingdom,which is the church,is build on the Apostles and old testament Prophets and Jesus Christ is the head,which have giving the keys,the secrets and authority,to Apostle Peter,and Peter pass those keys down to the other Apostles,as it is written in Matthew 16:18-19,and Ephesians 2:20. The other Apostles pass those same keys to the Bishops of the church,and the Bishops pass them other bishops and priests,elders,ministers,missionaries,deacons,heads and throughout the church.  With these keys gives the church access and power to govern,and for the church to be given to the Trinity, 1 Corinthians 2:1-16. The Modern Church is still governed  by the ministry a the top,in the three branch of the church,there is a head Bishop and a board of bishops,or head Clergy and a board of clergy’s, and other priests and ministers,evangelist,prophets,missionaries,deacons,and all other gifts to equipped,build up,edifying,and to govern the church as stated in Ephesians chapter 4,and 1 Corinthians chapter 12.  The purpose of the church is clear,and in governing is where we need stay on task or mission, of our calling and duty to serve one another in grace and love and be a guiding light to those who is without knowledge of Jesus Christ. This will we do in the name of The Father,The Son, and Holy Spirit,amen.








No More

The following comment is inspired by Ephesians 4:28,” Let him that stole steal no more.” It is reckless sometimes the way we who are Christians think. We think many times that what we do only affect us individually. Wrong, our sins don’t only  impact us only,it has an effect on all who are Christians. Let him that stole,steal no more,the Apostle wrote. Oh,some may say, you see Anthony,you don’t understand what it mean to go without. To eat beans and rice,rice and beans,wear shoes till they are worn-out. And,when I shop,I window shop,live from  check to check,wear clothes seven days a week,wash clothes in the bath tube,walk around the house clothed as if you are outside. I do know, no more. We represent something bigger than us,we may be lacking some things now,but in time we will be able to have those things and more. No more.

Pediatric illness

The following writing is 50% owned by CHOC Children’s Hospital located in Orange,CA. Infants, I don’t know if they exist anywhere esle,or even if anybody other than us who go through this period. But here,this is where all of us starts being infants. This sacred period of life was dangerous to all who went through it,and can be harmful to those who are there,and all who will start being infants. Infants are precious and are in danger of so many injuries and threats by a host of pediatric mental and physical illnesses. These illnesses lurks about and sometimes present with the child during birth. Thanks to many children hospitals around the world for addressing this issue.


The following writing is apart of the water campaign,which is 50% owned by the state of California, and 25% owned by The National Governors Association.  I’m all over the world,and I’m within you.I’m standing among Gods,and siting in the misted of the common folks. I’m in the form of a liquid and solid,and is given as a choice among beverages. Before humans births,I’m present first,and in me where I’m gather in mass,living creators live and swim in me. I’m sitting still in some places,and where those places are people needs to be aware of.Because,I can be harmful to those who don’t know what I am,and don’t know how to handle themselves around me. I’m at a peaceful still in some areas,and put with different elements,I’m dangerous. I’m used for many things,and sought after by many when they are thirsty.Above all I’m life,and is needed by the earth and the life that is on the earth, I’m Water.

“We Put Bits In The Horses’ Mouths

The following comment is inspired by James 3:1-8,”we put bits in the horses’ mouths.” It would be naive to think that control is not needed in life,but for one to try to control everything and everyone is insanity.  To speak in modern terms,not that this doing or concept is out of date,we put handle bars on bikes,steering wheels in cars,and many other modern examples we can find. Not only for control sake, but also for safety,discipline,and for the quality of life. Our nature by it’s very existence is not tamed,it is a beast. That’s why we have parents and guardians to help us as we grow at home,teachers at schools, on the job training,pastors,spiritual leaders,traffic signals,ethics, the word of God,and many other bits that we use to help us live in this life. Will we fall some time,or get angry, and feel the storms of life? Yes, but remember the bits that we have learned and been  put in us.

Good Will

The following comment is inspired by Luke 10:25-37, ” who stripped him of his clothing,wounded him,and departed,leaving him half dead.”  This scene can come in many forms. It can come in a form of one who is very ill,hungry,need clothes,in jail,on drugs,and in many other cases. In all cases it is seen as a red flag to many,particularly those who are in Charitable organizations. Because caution is there speaking,how can I,or we,be of help without damaging our good will,or bringing harm on myself and others. Showing mercy and practicing good will can be done in many ways. Cause we hear a cry for help,or even see the need for,doesn’t mean that I ‘m the one to provide it,often times I refer people,or call for assistance. So let us go,and do likewise in caution and prayer,with grace and love.

You never let me

The following writing,You never let me,is a product of the Teens Alert Campaign,that is 50% owned by the Orange Public Library,and 25% owned by The Denver Public Library. You never let me do anything as she stomps toward her room,and her Mom came chasing behind her. What you mean,says her Mom,we take you everywhere,and let you go to the mall by yourself. No,your Father and I are not going to let you come home late at night. No,we not going to let you dress like that! We make these rules for your safety.


The following writing is dedicated to The Hikikomori Campaign, which is a charitable campaign, and is 50% owned by The University of Tokyo Foundation. This writing Social, goes with that campaign and 50% ownership does apply to the party that is stated above. Is it possible to live one’s life in isolation? Yes. Is it mentally healthy to do so? No. Socially and humanly we need and want to interact with others at some point. Will there be conflict, some people who we don’t like, groups that won’t welcome us, people being judge mental. Sure. But, there is so much good in being sociable, we can find a friend, learn about ourselves and others and many other things that can improve our lives, and can enjoy the out doors and do many other things to help us to enjoy and live life.

Hikikomori Campaign ( A Campaign To Live )

On April 22,2017, I  launched a campaign to assist the government of Japan with the issue of in their word,Hikikomori, that some of their citizens are suffering from. I Anthony L Manson do give The University Of Tokyo Foundation half ownership of this campaign with 50% of it’s copyrights of,and all writings that is related to this campaign that I may write in the future.This is a charitable campaign it can not be sold,nor the writings that will go with it,but to be used to benefit all those who suffer with hikikomori. I chosen this issue for two reasons,as a Christian,and as a Professional. As a Christian because God is concern with all life,as a Professional because this is what I do,to enlighten and inform the public about social issues,and to give them tools to cope.  Hikikomori,a Japan word which mean pulling inward or withdraw,this mental disorder affect about 700,000 to 1.2 million people in Japan which causes them to shut in for as little as three months to 15 to 20 years or more. It is also visible in people in two other governments,Italy and South Korea,but appear more in numbers in Japan. Now, don’t think that this is some strange phenomenon that is unheard of,and only appears in a few countries.We know of this disorder, not by this name,Hikikomori, but the combination of this symptoms we in the Professional Helper’s field see it everywhere and everyday. No one chooses where they are born,and where we are born there are societal standards and pressures,some copes and fit in and others withdraws. This campaign is to help those who withdraws and pull inward.

You and I

The following writing is half owned by The United State Conference of Mayors.You and I have a responsible where we live to get involve with our local community and city. It is unaccepted to say I live so and so and we just walk through the city seeing and not seeing,then go to our homes and close the door and sit in our lazy boy and watch T.V  and complaint. Yup,you and I have a duty,to help with the issues that surround us everyday right here where you live and I live. Get involve with your local city,so much to see,so much to do.